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Saturday, April 28, 2012

(in)RL (thank you (in)courage!)

Oh the joy and companionship of meeting with women of faith and just BEING!

Today was (in)courage's "conference" and I joined a local meet-up of women from Lancaster County in our gracious hostess' home. There was food and coffee and warmth and Jesus with skin on. I was blessed and encouraged and strengthened.

Hopefully these few hours will be just the beginning of connecting on this side of our screens. We have already talked of meeting for coffee sometime soon.

We were from different churches, different backgrounds and different parts of the county but we all met together and talked and laughed and shared. The seven of us were present and real and I was blessed (I keep saying that huh?).

We watched a few of the videos (in)courage made available and were touched by stories of God working in awesome ways through social media. But mostly it was just the ability to sit and share with women who loved Christ. Share stories and wisdom and the confessions of all those things we DON'T DO! (make beds, dust, keep up with laundry, clean constantly etc.) it was a guilt free, expectation free, judgement free, room and I loved it! It felt like a breath of fresh air and a clean slate to me.

I was blessed.

Thank you (in)courage and our host Anjanette for giving is a place to be real and experience community!

Oh and Anjanette got these awesome door prizes from Dayspring - my bag had an awesome journal and this canvas that said "Your STRENGTH is as big as the God in you." I've been needing strength and I was touched by God's reminder that it isn't my own I was depending on.

Friday, February 10, 2012



We are given these bundles of hope and possibility. They are tiny and helpless and only ours. They cry. We respond. They root and mouth their needs and we feed them. We are building TRUST! 

We are the only picture of our Heavenly Father they see.

We teach them that they are not abandoned. They are loved, they are heard, they are seen.

My heart pours out. My Father hears. My earthy father hears as well. I speak of fear and conflict and disunity in the Church. But I am reminded. HE hears. My Savior knows me and he SEES me.

I will trust. Like a newborn babe at his mothers breast. He will be there. I will cry out and he will listen and respond.

Each breath fights anxiety. Each exhale choses to rest. I will walk with Grace and rest in my faith and trust in HIS goodness and love.

Grateful for community unseen. Thankful for encouragement to press on.




KNOWING - He will come through


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