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Friday, July 22, 2011

I've Decided To Blog

Because frankly, I'm going to explode if I don't. 

Not because there's anything particularly wrong with my life right now (I'm a SAHM with two boys, two months & two years old). But I'm getting kinda stir-crazy with the heat and the lack of adult interactions. I used to journal tons, sometimes hours a day, but that isn't so easy with two little ones loving on me all the time. 

Case-in-point: there's currently a not-so-tiny baby sleeping in my lap: 

I know, he's adorable. 

I'm also starting a blog because I currently lay awake at night hashing out issues and conflicts and feelings that I have towards the world, society and life in general. I'm really needing a bit more peace and resolution in my life. I'm smart enough to know I won't be able to resolve my feelings towards "that person" or "that situation" which caused my irritation directly; so I'll do it here. 

I'm also just pissed off at myself. I'm not contented. I am lacking in grace towards my children, my husband and the human race. I want to grow and enjoy the life I'm leading (because it's the life I so greatly desire to lead). 

Here's to the journey, here's to growing, here's to "Contented Anticipation"

Thanks for listening!