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Friday, February 10, 2012



We are given these bundles of hope and possibility. They are tiny and helpless and only ours. They cry. We respond. They root and mouth their needs and we feed them. We are building TRUST! 

We are the only picture of our Heavenly Father they see.

We teach them that they are not abandoned. They are loved, they are heard, they are seen.

My heart pours out. My Father hears. My earthy father hears as well. I speak of fear and conflict and disunity in the Church. But I am reminded. HE hears. My Savior knows me and he SEES me.

I will trust. Like a newborn babe at his mothers breast. He will be there. I will cry out and he will listen and respond.

Each breath fights anxiety. Each exhale choses to rest. I will walk with Grace and rest in my faith and trust in HIS goodness and love.

Grateful for community unseen. Thankful for encouragement to press on.




KNOWING - He will come through


~ Linking up with Lisa Jo at for Five Minute Friday