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Thursday, October 20, 2011

This is my day

You're tired
I try to have Grace
I'm tired too
Have pushed
Like labor
Through these lonely days
Lost patience
Lost sleep
Lost bits of my sanity
Until you could grab the reins
Take the slack
Let me breathe

But you're tired

Oh I catch this breath
And pray for strength to let you rest
Pray my heart won't hate
That resentment fades
Into softest sigh

The sweet sound of babe's breath
Weight on my chest
Grounding and secure
These tears will wash me
Make my motives pure
Release control
Hope for more

Let you rest
Let me rest
Let my expectations rest

Oh that rage does not commence
To rob us of or dignity
So that Love can hold
Each choice and word spoken

But my tears scream
See ME!
Hear ME!
Know ME!

And heartbreak and selfishness collide
I will sort the mess
Chose not to place it
At your feet
But at the Cross
Let Mercy judge
And Grace decide
I will chose to love

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